Licences, Permits and Notices

Events may require licences, permits and notices, depending on the size and nature of the event as well as the venue. Generally, at least a permission to use a location and a notice of public event to the police are required.

Licences, permits and notices are the responsibility of the event organizer. If you are organizing your event in cooperation with Tampere Event Office, the Event Office will help you take care of them. 

Links to the most relevant guides and application/notification forms can be found on our site, but many of them are only available in Finnish. Read more about licences and permits in our Guide for Event Organisers. Also see our Licences and Permits page in Finnish.

NOTICE: Due to some outdated information contained in the current version of the Guide for Event Organisers, it has been pulled offline. An updated version will be published in 2018.

NOTICE: Due to the overhaul of Tampere's official website, most of the information concerning licences and permits is not available in English at the moment. A comprehensive guide to licences and permits will be published here as soon as the information in back online.